One Woman’s Donation is Another’s Treasure

One Woman’s Donation is Another’s Treasure

A meeting of minds gives otherwise unused clothing a second chance while raising money to support Angels.


Wow what a fun and fabulous event we held at The Strand.

A pre-loved dress sale had been on my mind with my good friend Georgina Morson at Image Box Photography, for a few months now, but time commitments had held up our process. Looking back, it’s funny how things seem to work out and happen for a reason. You see, the Angels were working on a similar idea and contacted me to see how I could help.

Well the rest they say is history! It was a great collaboration and one we will repeat after great success. Angels came together along with fellow professionals, who I knew were delighted to help and lend their skills.

The Angels pre-loved sale could not have happened without the generosity of our amazing donors. As bags of donated clothes arrived, it became clear the expert eye of wardrobe stylist Brigitta was crucial to making it go from “just bags of clothes” to a curated stylish shopping experience. It looked amazing and shoes, bags, boots and clothes all hung as if they had been plucked from a private boutique. Georgina photographed the day and a lovely reportage of it all.

On the day and leading up to the day, the efforts of the Angels and the support behind the scenes of my Strand team were incredible in sharing and helping with the event. Wine donations were delivered, visiting mother-in-laws became changing room attendants and everyone buzzed to help the active stream of shoppers. Seeing that our efforts were successful, I made the decision to continue to share the sale for a few more days. We had been blessed with so many great donations, the sale needed more than a day to find new homes for these great pieces.

During the days that followed it was clear we had loved doing this event; The Strand was the perfect place to host it, we met new clients who want to visit again, new Angels were recruited, and over HKD$27,000 was raised for a really special cause; children - important little people who are our future.

We look forward to the next pre-loved sale in the Fall. So many ideas for the next one!


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