Sunrise Cambodia Early Learning Centre

Sunrise Cambodia Early Learning Centre

Angels for Orphans helps Sunrise Cambodia's latest project in Phnom Penh, giving pre-school aged children a jump start.


Sunrise Cambodia Early Learning Centre will cater for two classes of pre-school aged children of about 25 each. The program will be play based and focused on preparing the children for school, Grade 1.

The greatest benefit, apart from allowing these younger children access to a high-quality education, is the opportunity for their older siblings to attend school rather than be forced to stay home to look after their younger brothers and sisters, and to allow parents to work without the worry of the safety of their children. In this way, incomes can be increased and lifestyles can be improved.

The research proves that the best start to life is a quality kindergarten and early learning program as children absorb substantial amounts of information early on in life as they begin developing language and social skills. They are primed and eager to learn between the ages of three and five.

In Cambodia, there is a staggering lack of preschools, especially in rural areas, which means that most children are deprived of this critical education jump start. Only 13% per cent of children between the ages of three to five have access to early childhood development opportunities, and only 27% of five years old are enrolled in pre-schools.

Poor children are rarely given the opportunity for early learning in Cambodia.

Our aim is to improve the equity of opportunity in early learning. The poorest communities lack the infrastructure for early learning, and do not have access to experienced providers. Early Learning programs give a child a much better chance of success in school and in completing Primary School, and continuing on to High School. The school dropout rate by Grade 6 is 45%.

Sunrise Cambodia seeks to help children realize their right to quality early learning education through developing an Early Learning facility and program at all five Sunrise sites across the country.

Read more about our mission here.


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