Our Angels

“I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives." ~Tracy Chapman

Angelic Founder: Helen Whitman

A mother of two young children, Helen felt compelled to establish Angels for Orphans in Hong Kong when she read about the inspirational founder of Sunrise, Geraldine Cox. Geraldine is viewed as a “Mum to Many”, caring for hundreds of children at her orphanages in Cambodia. Helen started the fund raising momentum around a dinner table with friends in 2006. Her passion and dedication led to the formation of Angels for Orphans and its formal registration as a charity in 2009.

Chief Angel: Suzanne Sadler

As a backpacker travelling around Asia, Suzanne saw firsthand how the lives of underprivileged children are blighted by poverty and disease. Since her arrival in Hong Kong over 20 years ago, she has cherished the opportunity to volunteer and inspire others to get involved and make an impact where they can. She has worked within the non-for-profit sector for over 15 of those years, [six of those with Angels for Orphans) and she hopes she has hopefully inspired her own two children along the way.

Supa Nova: Nova Thomas

Dedicated mother of two, Nova plays a key role with her network support and effervescent personality. She has a work warrior ethos and indefatigable passion. Her attention to detail means that she is very much an integral part of the organisation.

Become an Angel

Since our establishment in 2009, our passion has driven us to help children where the needs are most desperate. We realise how key it is that we, as volunteers, are pro-active in raising the profile and funds for each of our partner organizations. This is achieved by engaging with the local community, championing passionate companies and individuals to assist with well needed changes. We believe it is important to help educate our global young citizens within local schools, as they will become the future Angels. This is accomplished by coordinating and hosting events as well as giving presentations.

With that in mind it seems our work is never done......

If you can tick more than one of the boxes below, then we need you
  • Organised
  • Dedicated
  • Full of Energy
  • Passionate about the future of children
  • Expert in your industry field
  • Time on your hands
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